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You can run Bar Trivia Games anytime you want to by just picking a time when you either need to create bar trade or to keep people in your venue who are already there.

The game is designed to run for an hour or so and involves making a P.A. announcement to inform people that every time they buy a drink from the bar they will receive a 10-question “multiple choice” Bar Trivia Sheet which they should fill in and place in the entry form box. At the end of the promotion you start drawing forms until you find one with 10 correct answers and award your prize. Uncomplicated and very effective!

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Every box has 20 sets of questions so, if you run Bar Trivia once per week, you have enough to last for 20 weeks.

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single game

Every year we also release a range of “special games” designed to increase your bar profits even more! Titles include, “Melbourne Cup”, “State of Origin”, “Aussie Rules” and many more.