We want you to try it for yourself to see how effective Bar Trivia really is in creating a fun atmosphere for your patrons.

You can download our free “Promo Game” by clicking the button below. The game is a PDF document which you should print onto A5 size paper. Print yourself 50 or so of them, make an announcement that you will hand out sheets with every drink purchase and start counting the money as they come to the bar! Collect the sheets and place them in a barrel or a box at the bar. (Oh, yes, if they buy another drink, they get another chance!)

Also print out a copy of the “answer grid – letter A” – don’t worry if you can’t print it onto a transparency, it will still work okay for a trial game. When it’s time to end the game (say, 90 minutes later), start drawing sheets looking for a 10/10 winner. If the best you find is 8/10 then they should be declared the winner. Give them a small prize (nothing more than $30 value is recommended) so that, if you decide to buy a 20 week box for $395 + GST, the whole promotion will cost less than $50 every time you run it!